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LONG BEACH, California

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Current Time:
Jul 30 08:10 AM
Local Zipcodes:
90802, 90803, 90805, 90831, 90807, 90806, 90815, 90813, 90804, 90822, 90810, 90840, 90814, 90809, 90808, 90846, 90844
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Oxnard, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Glendale, Garden Grove, Chula Vista, Santa Ana, San Diego, San Bernardino, Oceanside, Riverside, Huntington Beach
FBI Crime statistics:
total number of crimes: 18467
murder (49) < 1%
rape (125) < 1%
robbery (1417) 7%
assault (1822) 9%
burglary (3232) 17%
larceny (7876) 42%
vehicletheft (3946) 21%
arson (267) 1%
Brooks College
Keller Graduate School Of Management Of Devry University
Devry University

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City of Long Beach
—  City  —

Nickname(s): The International City
or "the LBC"
Location within Los Angeles County in the state of California
Coordinates: 33°48′15″N 118°9′29″W / 33.80417°N 118.15806°W / 33.80417; -118.15806Coordinates: 33°48′15″N 118°9′29″W / 33.80417°N 118.15806°W / 33.80417; -118.15806
Country United States
State California
County Los Angeles
 - Mayor Bob Foster
 - City Council Suja Lowenthal
Gary DeLong
Patrick O'Donnell
Gerrie Schipske
Dee Andrews
Tonia Reyes Uranga
Rae Gabelich
Val Lerch
 - City Attorney Robert E. Shannon
 - City Auditor Laura L. Doud
 - City Prosecutor Tom Reeves
 - Total 65.9 sq mi (170.6 km2)
 - Land 50.0 sq mi (130.6 km2)
 - Water 15.9 sq mi (40.0 km2)
Elevation 0 ft (Sea Level 0 m)
Population (January 1, 2009)
 - Total 492,682
 - Density 9,770.6/sq mi (3,772.45/km2)
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code 90801-90810, 90813-90815, 90822, 90831-90835, 90840, 90842, 90844-90848, 90853, 90888, 90899
Area code(s) 562
FIPS code 06-43000
GNIS feature ID 1652747
Website www.longbeach.gov

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Help these ladies and their families please!!!!!tips@lbpd.com From what I know from speaking to the families the woman who died on May 4,2014 was named Sharon Simrin. She was issued a death certificate for a heart attack when her body was never examined . The doctor was contacted by Tim Cohan and supposedly requested by LBPD to sign off on death certificate. He never saw her body!!!!! Start with him and you will solve this.
See this property: 183 E. ADAIR, LONG BEACH, CA
@lbpd Mon Jul 20, 15 17:40:19
Help these women's families get closure and lock this murderer up.god bless those that help
See this property: 183 E. ADAIR, LONG BEACH, CA
Please help Mon Jul 20, 15 17:23:33
BE WARNED!!!!!! 2 healthy beautiful vibrant women have died in that house in the last three years. The Vietnam vet homeowner who was present never skipped a beat. This man TIMOTHY LYNN COHAN pulled up on a Friday May 3rd 2014 and visibly forced the last woman into the house despite her protests. She had some surgical foot issues but I never saw her like that in the 6 months she lived here. She appeared very distraught and very out of it . They went in the house and after approx two minutes of horrific screaming it became quiet upon which he came out and hastily wiped her vehicle doors and interior. He proceeded to move several items from her car to his and then he returned into the house. The house was quiet on Saturday but Sunday At 5:00-5:30 am I awoke to doors slamming and saw he was in the lawn spraying some items off. Shortly thereafter the cops arrive and he switched to His elderly man routine. While they are inside the home this gentleman proceeds to hurriedly move her black car towards the garage and then block it in with his. This was odd because he had emulated her within a month of dating and purchased the same exact vehicle she had. You could barely tell who was in what car which I feel was his motive in buying that vehicle. It never sat right with anyone on the block. Just plain odd. After he composed himself he went back in and they come out with the body. No investigation. No follow through whatsoever. As we fearfully Observed him start to overzealously flatter the officer ,(quite a cheap pathetic show which they ate with a spoon.)then he would stumble around and feign grief then broke into a smile as the body was wheeled out...... and this bastard was enjoying a drink and a smoke by 2pm. A true life monster. This is despite blood curdling screams a day before the bodies were discovered both times. Upon their death he then threw their belongings out like they were so much as garbage as well as gave away the second woman's dog away the same morning. I would like to add he had to chase the dog to put it in car due to it being terrified of him. Where in the hell are the detectives? The cops that are supposed to protect and serve. He just goes about his business as if nothing happened but several neighbors are aware of the pure evil that this man exudes while feigning a bumbling daily routine. I believe this man murdered both women and the long beach police department did absolutely nothing about it. The officers literally did nothing as fast as they could and left. No follow up no nothing.we have to look at this lowlife monster everyday as he drinks and broods around his yard. I pray that someone in power quickly takes notice and stops this man before he can hurt any other innocent women. A simple lie detector test would determine the truth and put this toothless alcoholic monster somewhere he belongs. If you had heard the fighting/screams and the dog barking the night before the last victim was found, you would support my concerns. They were both very sweet ( Barbara Rogers 2011and Sharon Simrin 2014.... I pray that someone takes notice before he succeeds again. We have all lost the peace that Adair street used to hold. LAPD/LBPD do your damn jobs. These were good women (Sharon was a VA nurse) who this man separated , bullied and killed with not one eyebrow being raised. He saw us both times and truthfully I and my husband are terrified of him but right is right and we can not let him continue to enjoy his alcohol and smirk and not face justice any longer. LBPD/ LA /DISTRICT ATTORNEY DO YOUR JOB!!!! Make him tell you what happened. Ask Barbara Rogers children in Pasadena what they experienced. You will see you are on the right path. @LADAOffice Thank you & God bless. A scared neighbor
See this property: 183 E. ADAIR, LONG BEACH, CA
A concerned neighbor Sat Jul 18, 15 20:21:45
WOW! Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!
See this property: 4000 E COLORADO, LONG BEACH, CA
Hungry Mon Jun 29, 15 15:46:49
This is the most wonderful home in the world, my home.
See this property: 1036 NORTH ALMOND COURT, LONG BEACH, CA
Bianka Sican Thu Feb 19, 15 18:03:20
Who died in the house?
See this property: 4839 GRAYWOOD AVE, LONG BEACH, CA
Leslie Rincon Mon Feb 02, 15 00:18:21
whats there phone number
See this property: 2501 OLIVE AVE, LONG BEACH, CA
shawnte Fri Aug 01, 14 11:37:04
See this property: ROYCROFT, LONG BEACH, CA
ted Tue Jul 01, 14 22:55:48
This building needs alot of work inside and outside the plumbing is no good and in some of the units the electrical outlets have not been working for many years the appartment building is infested with roaches bedbugs and spiders mice ect. Chiped paint on building weeds around the property havent been cut for months and cat infested some badley sick and when the cats die the manager digs a hole and puts the dead cats in the ground. The only time you see the manager doing some work is when she knows that the owner is on his way to 842 Alamitos and the the only time you will see the owner is when he comes to collect the rent money there have not been any kinds of inprovements in years i rate this property an F -.
See this property: 842ALAMITOS AVE, LONG BEACH, CA
JHONSON Fri Jan 03, 14 06:50:02
apartment complex
See this property: 4519 N BANNER, LONG BEACH, CA
Natalie Thu Sep 20, 12 16:09:17
wh lives here-owner or tenant
See this property: 3527 N BELLFLOWER BLVD, LONG BEACH, CA
Rex Wed May 23, 12 17:57:31
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