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Just a follow up onow this Sue Beck woman You can add insurance fraud to the list of evils. I have lived in this neighborhood since she moved here. She claimed tenants that were moving in that she got into a disagreement with before they even finished moving in vandalized her la paz house. She boasted to the neighborhood that her insurance was covering damage but the neighbor who is a close friend of mine, saw her there the night before this happened. Shortly after she remodeled the whole house and moved in herself. Years afterwards I heard she did the same thing to tenants she had there. This woman should be prosecuted as people like her drive home owners premiums up. Wish I knew how to report this kind of activity.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Neighbor Mon May 02, 16 09:52:55
The owner a Christopher J Berg knowingly let a wanted felon who was running from the law live there as not to be arrested. Until I myself called police. These people are up all night doing drugs and Internet porn. He should move a poor excuse for a neighbor
See this property: 1021 S CHARLOTTE AVE, SAN GABRIEL, CA
Eli DeLeon Tue Apr 26, 16 00:54:56
My mother died in this house on 7/11/1997.
See this property: 3695 MCKENZIE ST, RIVERSIDE, CA
Tara Rhodes Mon Mar 28, 16 04:50:26
I would like to know who to contact regarding this property.
See this property: 62147 BONAIR RD JOSHUA TREE CA, JOSHUA TREE, CA
Chrystie Potts Mon Mar 28, 16 04:09:20
Thansk a lot to everyone!
See this property: 2497 TEQUESTRA, TUSTIN, CA
Sun J Park Sun Feb 28, 16 17:48:59
thisAdDresSMYmom rentin. we've been ghost dark evil spirits
See this property: 4207 E WELDON, FRESNO, CA
monique Thu Feb 18, 16 12:34:33
Please has anyone died at this address my kids experiencing paranormal demonic activity
See this property: 15320 RAYEN ST, NORTH HILLS, CA
Aida Medina Mon Feb 15, 16 18:32:07
At 1021 s. Charlotte they let a wanted felon live there so on 1/5/16 they were finally arrested.
See this property: CHARLOTTE, SAN GABRIEL, CA
Eli DeLeon Fri Feb 05, 16 07:28:36
My family lived in this home in the early 80's & Many strange paranormal activities would occur. Doors opening & closing, pounding on the walls, blankets being pulled off during the night with a voice saying it's my turn! Our Mom, sister, & Aunt were All pinned to there beds. Someone would cover my brothers feet at night & sit next to him & leave an indentation. Our neighbors in the duplex also owned by the same owner of our home, would prepare the house for New tenants finally after a couple of years decided to finally admit that they were aware of it being haunted but the owner paid for their silence. But after being awakened by a blinding light on top of the back part of th our Home twice they became concerned. They also mentioned that they would often see a little old lady while cleaning & my Mom & A guest & Family members had seen her before as well.The back of the property had a grapefruit tree that we Never watered but it would have the largest juiciest fruit you could imagine. And close by that tree the ground would often shake, we at first thought it was an earthquake but it happened every time we would play in that area. So of course we stopped playing there. I have noticed that All around that property it's being developed & I'm sure The owner has been offered to Sell & I believe it's because of what ever is haunting that property he has chosen not to. I'm sure if the present & previous tenants were asked they would have stories to tell as well. Because the family that moved in soon after us also moved out for the same reasons & asked us if we had similar experiences.
See this property: 1646 E ONTARIO AVE, CORONA, CA
Louise Mon Jan 18, 16 14:16:39
track murder on this property, 1982, property was than called the Plainsman Hotel- later changed to the Hawthorne Inn, now the Hawthorne Historical Inn. Just google for old newspaper info--- last two years there have before 2 OD death on property as recent as 9/2015
See this property: 2121 FIRST AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA
Bobby Sun Jan 10, 16 18:42:39
I'm curious what this place used to be years ago before it was rented out as single apartments?
See this property: 118 ROBERTS LANE, BAKERSFIELD, CA
Susan Mon Jan 04, 16 20:17:16
On August 24, 2015 my last uncle, Le Vern Ostrander, passed from a stroke. His home at 9324 HIllside Drive, was built by he and his father, Earl. The Earl Ostrander homestead was partially burned due to a fire apparently set by squatters. It sits today in the same condition. The value in the residence is the hard-wood floor which to this day has never 'creaked. I do not know the mortgage bank who is the legal owner. The pond was built by my uncle Russell and like the rest of the property is not cared for. What was once coveted St Augustine lawn is now knee-deep in weeds. Turning on the water valve in the "pond" allows for flood-watering. The ground level allowed for the water to flow irrigation-style. Once maintenance free with only occasional mowing. Once a beloved house. If I had the money, I would restore it myself. Am hoping someone can see the life still left in this house and save it from complete ruin. In later years, the roof was put on by two sons, Jack and Avondale. The demographics have changed. The builder, Earl Ostrander, was an early settler in the 1920's. He and wife "Sis" raised seven children. My heart cries now that I have lost the last survivor of the original Ostrander household, my beloved uncle. I'm hoping the bank will allow for property salvage rather than allow it to be burned down to the ground. I do have a picture of our "Home Sweet Home" of the 1960's. It had its charms. August 2015
See this property: 9275 HILLSIDE DRIVE, DELHI, CA
JEANNE BURNS Wed Sep 09, 15 02:22:36
The residents especially the illegals are so nosey n in everyone's life instead of taking care of there life n all those kids .. My roommate had her car stolen twice n not once did the nosey neighbors say s thing or report it to the manager ...
See this property: 520 N ELM ST, ESCONDIDO, CA
mizz lopez Sun Aug 23, 15 10:21:46
This peoperty is were the home less live in hire but is in real bad condition
See this property: 1028 E 17TH ST, LONG BEACH, CA
Joe Rod Sat Aug 22, 15 23:05:45
2 suicides took place at 3120 vernal drive ceres, ca 1 in 1998 the other in 2000
See this property: 3120 VERNAL DRIVE, CERES, CA
melinda linn Sat Aug 22, 15 01:15:25
first of all the woman that lives there is a victim of domestic violence and is harassed n degraded on the daily. The stabbing that had happened was nor by a person living there but a family member and it was self defense and that happened because of some other issue that another neighbor had,so it wasnt really there issue. So know you facts and stop harrassing this single mother of six. Her kids dont cause any problems and are good kids. One kid is joining thebAir force and the other us going to be a police officer. The single mother that lives there is a nurse and has been in health care for over 15years. Know your facts before you judge and harrase because you neighbors are a bunch of bullies! HuD and the owner are Not idiots. The owner came to this country very poor and has alot of heart for people of any type. It is not about the $ for him but it is for You! There are worse looking houses and definitely worse pwople on that street. if you needed help for anything,anyone in that house wouldnt hesitate to help. Please know your facts because you have no idea what others are going thru. God Bless you All!
See this property: 192 CHECKERS DR., SAN JOSE, CA
neighbors Tue Aug 18, 15 03:05:12
By the way she has new renter's living there coming from family with well known business she break city rules
See this property: 637 DEODAR AVE, OXNARD, CA
Lyle Connor Mon Aug 10, 15 02:14:09
I hope this problems get resolved I would hate some one else to rent this dump water heater in so call bedroom no stove overhead cracks in ceiling landlord had me sleep on floor one month to make it look good for inspection I paid full rent went one year no heater JAEJI
See this property: 637 DEODAR AVE, OXNARD, CA
Lyle Connor Mon Aug 10, 15 02:07:40
She is crazy. She pretends to be all nice at first,not long before she goes apeshit on everyone she meets. I found that she is the queen of filing frivolous lawsuits. Many many of them. Psychopath. Do not rent her mobile home or move near her. Will regret it.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
B C. Sun Aug 02, 15 20:37:33
I grew up at 5095 troth st in mira loma ca from 1970-1988. It was a well kept home with many many improvements and a back house studio. Now it is a shithole. I'd like to purchase and restore it
See this property: 5095 TROTH ST, MIRA LOMA, CA
Brenda garcia Sun Aug 02, 15 17:20:17
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State of California
Flag of California State seal of California
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Golden State
Motto(s): Eureka[1]
before statehood, known as
the California Republic
Map of the United States with California highlighted
Official language(s) English
Demonym Californian
Capital Sacramento
Largest city Los Angeles
Largest metro area Greater Los Angeles
Area  Ranked 3rd in the US
 - Total 163,696 sq mi
(423,970 km2)
 - Width 250 miles (400 km)
 - Length 770 miles (1,240 km)
 - % water 4.7
 - Latitude 32° 32′ N to 42° N
 - Longitude 114° 8′ W to 124° 26′ W
Population  Ranked 1st in the US
 - Total 36,756,666 (2008 est.)[2]
33,871,648 (2000)
 - Density 234.4/sq mi  (90.49/km2)
Ranked 11th in the US
 - Median income  US$54,385 (11th)
 - Highest point Mount Whitney[3]
14,505 ft  (4,421 m)
 - Mean 2,900 ft  (884 m)
 - Lowest point Death Valley[3]
-282 ft  (-86 m)
Admission to Union  September 9, 1850 (31st)
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi (D)
U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D)
Barbara Boxer (D)
U.S. House delegation 34 Democrats, 19 Republicans (list)
Time zone Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Abbreviations CA Calif. US-CA
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HillsWest HollywoodWest PointWest SacramentoWestlake VillageWestleyWestminsterWestmorlandWestportWestwoodWheatlandWhiskeytownWhite WaterWhitethornWhitmoreWhittierWildomarWilliamsWillitsWillow CreekWillowsWilmingtonWilseyvilleWiltonWinchesterWindsorWinnetkaWinterhavenWintersWintonWishonWitter SpringsWofford HeightsWoodacreWoodbridgeWoodlakeWoodlandWoodland HillsWoodyWrightwoodYermoYettemYoloYorba LindaYorkvilleYosemite National ParkYountvilleYrekaYuba CityYucaipaYucca ValleyZamoraZenia